Return to India?

There are occasions when something your granny tells you leaves you shocked. Something like this happened a couple of days ago while we were watching the Mumbai police mercilessly beating medical students up for protesting in a non-violent manner. My grandmother, someone who had actively participated in the Quit India movement was moved to tears, but the usually soft-mannered lady said in a uncharacteristically cold voice, “I wish I had never taken part in the Quit India movement, the British were much better than this.” I was shocked, but only temporarily, by this confession. Yet, I know believe it to be true, the British Raj was a million times better than this government. It would have been our fortune had Great Britain still been here, for despite all their shortcomings, they were much better administrators. They introduced the railways, telegraphs, telephones, schools and colleges. The argument that they also committed Jallianwala Bagh is neutralized by the fact that Dyer was immediately court-martialled from the army, while many people who have committed worse acts of mass killing roam scot-free in India today. The “honorable” HRD minister Mr.Arjun Singh surpassed Gen. Dyer in 1984 itself, when after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, he arranged for the escape of Warren Anderson on December 4 1984. When a person who marched down the streets of Hyderabad shouting for the British to Quit India now herself wishes that they had never done so, it shows what a pathetic, incompetent, cruel, uncaring and downright stupid government we have today. 1946, we wanted the British out. 2006, we realize we were better off with them.

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  1. Prafulla Nandhip

    People in Britan do not wish they have this form of govnmt anyway… i wish i live in free world where my childern can survive without having to think of ugly corruption, where they can live rightiously, where they can make decisons for life, where dreams are higher than skies, i believe thats what your Grand Mom might have thought while walking on that road in 1946 and the ideas have never changed from then.

    Our priorities have changed from then to now, people have changed and so have their needs, govmt needs to be changed ( – replacing people who are not puppets even after being highly educated). Change is so constant in our lives.

    It is emotional when we think of whats happening around us, however the solution for which includes or is interlinked with many facets of life, like poverty , illitracy, ignorance combined lethal weapon for politicians who are power hunger, who use people against people who have no ambition than to make money.

    I hope we stand up one day and say its enough, enough of corruption, enough of every bull shit what a politician claims to do but never does, World has moved on and so should we from worst to better, and that can happen when we people with information and knowledge ask WHY and then oppose the wrong system.

    Media is very powerful, i hope one day media realises its potential and covers the vital aspects of incidents rather than just being jerks…and calls the person who is resposible into the studio for (questioning) one to one CHAT, i was so happy with tehelka and stunts like that… i feel sometimes is Media corrupted as well. hmmm never know!!!

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