Gravitational Higgs Field etc…

Here’s something on the nature of Gravity:
I’ve been wondering…What if Gravity is not an exchange force like the other three. The reason we’ve never been able to figure out the quantum nature of gravity is because we’ve been trying to understand gravity as an exchange force. I believe that gravity and gravitational field are actually Higgs Fields. Thus, no matter actually has mass of it’s own. It is given mass by a high-energy gravitational field, which leaves little energy for the force itself to act on, thus the extreme weakness of gravity. It assigns mass to a substance based on some constant(alpha, as it is THE most basic constant) and then the field itself acts on the force, a bond being formed between the matter and the field, which supplied it energy. Thus, gravitational force is between the particle and the Higgs Gravitational Field (here we go with the neologisms!). As the field should be globally invariant, the presence of such force acting on it causes variance, which is resolved by curving the field a.k.a General Relativity, Thus, it appears to us that the force is between particles but is really independent of particles. This is still a very raw idea I’ve had for nearly three years now, but is slowly beginning to take shape as I learn more about Particle Physics.

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