Fight, Coward!!

The hallmark of cowardliness is the fact that the chicken heart claims to be brave, when instead acting in utter recreancy. The recent massacre in Doda is also an act of brutality committed by curs who don’t have the guts to fight an equally armed enemy in fair combat. On one hand, they claim to be fighting for the freedom of Kashmiris, but it is truly an unusual way to fight for the freedom of a race of people by massacring them on a regular basis. You see, we Indians tend to be peaceful with the exception of provocation, and so they have escaped till now. But I also ask our government, what will it take from them for us to do what is required, to hunt them down and exterminate them like the vermin they are. The solution to the Kashmir problem lies in India taking affirmative action against all militants, a job easier said than done, but not an impossible operation. The essence is to marginalize the opinion and loyalties of people in the favour of India. The best and perhaps only way to do this is by bringing as much development into the valley as possible. Improving the infrastructure, roads, bridges, electricity, water and giving the people of Kashmir a sense of security will ensure that public opinion is tilted in our favour. Militants believe in a reign of terror, they scared away the entire non-Islamic population of Kashmir and are exploiting the ignorance of the people living there coupled with a sense of fear and a distorted message of Islamic jihad against anything western, Indian, modern and progressive. The only way we can bring back Kashmir’s once vibrant Hindu and Buddhist population is by improving the system in place there/. The crux of this lies in education and unemployment. If the people of Kashmir are given good schools, colleges and a way to earn a livelihood, there will be no way that militants and terrorists can spread their ridiculous message of fear and will eventually be exterminated by inward lack of recruitment, opposition from the people and pressure from the army. The only way to make these cowards fight is by fighting their message of fear and ignorance with our message of knowledge and hope. In India’s march forward, Kashmir, which has always been the crown of the Indian nation, cannot be left behind.


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    Well I want to post a comment.But ………………what to say yaar ?well simply awesome.–>

  2. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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