Alternative Theory of Creation.

M-Theory is noted (and often censured or misconstructed) on the basis of the presence of 11-dimensions in the theory. This is I believe, a key to the understanding of creation. I got the idea for this “theory” after staring at a hologram sticker and putting forth this philosophical argument:
Suppose there is a person who lives in 2-dimensional universe. Our current 3-d universe would be beyond his understanding. This implies that the probability of him existing in a 3-d universe is zero. But, he can exist in a hologram. A hologram is 2-dimensional, but to us 3-d people, we can observe 3-dimensions in it. Similar to a 3-D movie, wearing polarized glasses ensures that we realize the distortion on screen is in fact, a mechanism for making the movie 3-dimensional. Thus, a hologram, or the screen of a 3-D movie is a perfect universe for the co-existence of a person from a 2-d universe and people from 3_d universes. The 2-D person would be entirely unaware of the existence of the 3rd dimension. Could this be the same in our universe? Could our universe be one large virtual hologram sticker? This would entail that there are up to 26 or even infinite dimensions present in our universe, which we are incapable of understanding.
This argument then leads me to the question: Is it possible to “open up” these extra dimensions? Is there an energy or entropy limit for a dimension which when crossed will result in the opening up of an extra dimension where the entire process of the creating of a universe will begin again until it too breaks up into another universe. If so, the theory of creation will be altered to as follows:
In the beginning, there was energy. And there was a lo of it. Suddenly, it combined to form a universe, using reverse relativity, which by the Principle of Conservation of Energy and the Uncertainty Principle entails that the lifetime of matter created from energy is directly proportional to the size of the matter. Thus, a one-dimensional universe was formed. Consisting of only ONE fundamental force. Whether this one dimension was spatial or time, I cannot say. This universe must’ve (and I would really like it if it did) been a few Planck lengths and would’ve existed for as long time as the universe crossed the energy limit for it’s dimension. On this crossing, the energy would’ve been enough to “free” the 2nd dimension. After this 2nd Big Bang, there would’ve been a 2-dimensional universe containing 2 fundamental forces. This universe gave birth to a 3-d universe containing 3 forces and that eventually to our current 4th Universe, containing 4 Fundamental Forces. As per the second law of thermodynamics, entropy is forever increasing, so there will come a time when the entropy of our universe will suffice in creating a 5th universe. I believe that the forces we have now will split up and form a 5th force that will also have a attribute made for it (such as mass, electric charge and color are the attributes for our universe). As of now, we have a GUT and gravity theory. These are perhaps the forces that existed in the 2-dimensional universe.
Thus, my theory is basically a concept where the universe is one big hologram sticker. 11-dimensional theories will exist and work in 11-dimensions. Perhaps the “hiding” of these dimensions explains that gravity is the most fundamental force of all, as gravity has always been incompatible with other theories and is unusually weak.

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