Happy Birthd….Whatever, Nevermind.

April 24th 1988. There had been an unusual thunderstorm that had raged all through the previous evening and well into the night, uprooting trees and even killng a few chaps. The morning of the 25th dawned. The gynaec was at home. On awakening she was called to Nilofer Hospital, Hyderabad as A Gowri Lakshmi had gone into labour. A caesarian was performed and at 0655 hrs, Harish Alagappa came into this world. The only boy to be born in that hospital for the time between the 24th to the 27th of April, “blessed” with excellent astrological positions and having being born after a raging thunderstorm, great things were expected of this child.
25th April 2006. New Delhi. The boy is 18. All signs of greatness have faded into the twilight. People are in expectation of his grand failure. A disappointment, failure, under-achiever and “stupid-idiot”, he drifts in existence, fearful of the future, angry with the present and uncaring about the past. A simple wish lives in his brain, to be a Scientist. Fury, the story of his life.


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2 responses to “Happy Birthd….Whatever, Nevermind.

  1. Belated Birthday wishes.. 🙂 ! I really wish you’d be a scientist.. You will..Hari !

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