Salman Khan, The Victim.

These are hard times in the Indian Judicial system. Once, a haven for the rich, famous and powerful, it is sad to note that today, even celebrities are being prosecuted as if they were, (forgive me for saying this), normal citizens. The Salman Khan case is a perfect example. It is truly the ineptitude of the judicial system, which had just recently shown with Manu Sharma in the Jessica Lal case, that wealth and standing allow you to escape the ignominy of prosecution for criminal behaviour, that has sentenced our beloved celebrity to 5 years imprisonment. I ask you, do you not see that he is a movie-star?? Do you not realize that in our nation, wealth and power allow you to roam scot-free after committing a crime?? Then, why, oh! why do you victimize him so?? We hear the voices of those insufferable do-gooders who say that under the Sections 2(16), 9/51 and 9/52 of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, Salman Khan should be imprisoned for poaching an endangered species. Vile conspirators! He is SALMAN KHAN!! He has the right by being a Bollywood King to hunt as all kings have done throughout history. What has a Chinkara ever done for you? Do Blackbucks make such outstanding works of cinema as Hello Brother, Tere Naam, Saawan-the love season and the innumerable other movies which will go down in history as the peak of Indian culture during the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries? By imprisoning this superstar, we are preventing him for further delighting us with his amazing movies and stirring performances. i am truly shocked at our judiciary for victimizing Salman just because he is a celebrity and I hope that good sense prevails over all our judges, that he and all those who are celebrities, rich and powerful may be able to freely break the law and not have to worry to suffer the consequences as we normal people have to.
(Keeping in mind the average intellectual capacity of a Salman Khan fan or well-wisher, I believe I must clarify that I am being sarcastic in the above post)


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