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“Practical aaya, Gaand marke chala gaya.”- Kuldeep Ruhil
That uncivilized prune of a Jat summed up the general opinion doing the rounds about the practical exams. Physics went well, except I got (oh! The shame) Prism experiment wrong!! Abhimanyu, the luckiest fool alive, got pn-junction! The invigilator was impressed with my project(a quantum mechanical study of The Fundamental Forces of Nature) and liked the fact that I made it myself and didn’t buy it. He then asks me, “what are QUARKS?” Damn, imagine you do a project on the works of Shakespeare and the invigilator asks you, “what comes after abc?” I told him,”Sir, quarks are the most fundamental particles of nature, the exist in pairs, have color charge etc……” The Physics HoD AK Gogia then heaped praise on me. *joins hands like Mr.Burns* Excellent.
Chemistry:: Hell!! Asshole Invigilator. Not well(fever, cold,cough etc) and experiments I have no idea on performing. But, thanks to the grace of God, Chitransh, Hemant, Ankit and Abhimanyu, I managed. He then asks me during the viva, which chapter. I confidently replied, “Nuclear Chemistry or Thermodynamics”. The guy then asked me the most remote damn questions which will NEVER come in the board exams. But, had I been well, I would’ve prepared and could’ve answered it, so, it’s my fault too.
I.P:: Hell part-II. Thanks to the heathens of my class, we have never had a single I.P. period where something was learnt. It was hell again, she asked me abt the project I had bought. Like an idiot, I said that I had made it myself, but she saw right through that. Well, not in the mood to say more, but will try to post post-exams.

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