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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I saw the movie yesterday in a near-empty multiplex. I thought that they rushed through the plot and was pissed at the fact that they did not show the Quidditch Final. I also thought it was funny that Fleur and Krum had absolutely no dialogues! Not a good movie, that’s what happens when you over-condense a plot. On the bright side, the acting was much better this time. Rupert Grint has FINALLY shown that he can act! So did the Weasley bros who for once brought the humor of the literary personas on to the screen. Emma Watson was brilliant as usual, though her role was diluted as compared to the first three movies. But three performances really took my breath away…
1. Daniel Radcliffe. Gof was and is HIS movie. The frozen cast that was his face finally thawed and for the first time, we actually though that,”Here is Harry Potter!” The chemistry b/w the three was cold as Antarctic ice in the first three, but was really brilliant in this movie.
2. Mad-Eye Moody. The best representation of a Hogwarts teacher till date. That’s not something easy to do, as you have to beat some great acting by Snape, Hagrid, Dumbledore and even Karkaroff. But this guy was amazing!!
3. Ralph Fiennes. Lord Voldemort in da house!!!!!! Thank you! My favorite character got the treatment he deserved in the talented acting of Ralph Fiennes who was evil incarnate as Lord Voldemort.
Gof would’ve been better if Mike Newell had the guts to split it into two, but has done an OK job with what he had. A once-only watch in my opinion.

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SAT II Results

Got my SAT II results……Math level 2-800; Chemistry-740 and Physics-800. What do I do now???

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