SAT Blues

I registered for the SAT to be taken on Oct 8. Got my passport yesterday, am a member of the United States Educational Foundation in India(USEFI). Now all I have to do is study! Its not that I’m afraid, just nervous… I mean in my last few practice tests, I’ve been scoring REAL BAD in the critical reading section. I got only 640 in CR, 680 in writing and 760 in Math. That’s just not enough!!! I feel worried, ‘coz I’m really not performing as I should be with regard to the aims I have in life. I just need to get my head down and put in some HARD WORK!!! Got my Chemistry Unit Test in a few days, must score above 35 and show these !@#$%^&*()_+| who’s the boss here!! Joined tutions for CBSE and am delighted at the new IIT format, just wish it’s implemented in 2006, but I’ll dedicate an entire post to that later. You cant know it, but i made A LOT of typo’s while getting this post in. My usual lapse of connection between thoughts and keyboard.

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