August 12th 2005: Went to my first quiz in more than two years and was pleased to see that I’ve lost none of the old potency but have to improve on my gut instinct reading. It was the Times NIE Funda-Mental quiz organised by TOI, hosted by Derek’O’Brien. I went with pals Abhimanyu and Vaibhav, clearly carrying the team on my shoulders. Reached the venue only to see DPS-RKP’s team at the gate. I wasn’t intimidated a bit. Wasn’t well either. had been suffering from Viral and Stomach Cramps for the past two days. Was awake since 3am and was only survivng on glucose water and antacid gels. The quiz was your normal thing. teams tense while the schools without good brains brought vast cheering contingents(why have I never seen the same school win the cheering award and the quiz?) We answered the written prelims and enjoyed some TOI clips. I thought that we had a slight chance in the prelims. We made it ! Team 4 . The irony was lovely, a KV in between Delhi’s two biggest and snobbiest private schools, DPS-RKP and Mother’s Intl. We were pretty ok. Kept up with DPS from the start. had a heard a lot about these guys but was a bit disappointed as I feel my old Bethany team could have given them a good time(Sohan and Mithra). Anyways, we won but DPS weren’t very friendly. They thought there was a scoring error(yeah,right!) Anyways, we lifted the trophy had a lot of photots taken and realised that I am Mr.Anti-Photogenic. A Very Good Day!!

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  1. What did you get at the quiz generally? Was it another pass-by-boredom sorts orgenuinely good?

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